I loved being able to do the coaching while at home, in my comfort zone. My favorite helpful thing in the program was Gaïa’s documentation because it allowed me to practice examples of different techniques in order to reconnect. The other thing I liked about the program is that it enabled me to build up my confidence. I have seen many health professionals in order to feel more reconnected and happy but Gaïa was the one that worked for me. It is, by far, the best program I've ever signed up for! It exceeded all of my expectations!


Gaïa’s program brought much value to my life. I was struggling with anxiety, stress and never feeling completely happy in my life. She helped me develop a life plan with directions and momentums. I now know how to maintaining consistency in order to continuously improve my life.

If you’re thinking of hiring a coach who is heartfelt and genuine, authentic and can get you results, Gaïa is your gal!

Lisandre T., Entrepreneur, Québec, Canada

Whether it is based on her profesional experience abroad or her personal experience, Gaïa always knows how to give you attentive listening with the compassion that you need. Her attention is without jugement and without hesitation. She exudes calm, empathy and relief. I know you will love her and admire her as much as I do. 

A., California, États-Unis

Gaïa has very deep thoughts...she always finds positive in everything. It's a calm person that also knows how to have fun and enjoy life. That's the reason why we love her right away. I works with her during more than a year and it's a person that finds a solution to everything without loosing control. For Gaïa, EVERYTHING is possible. She's a person that is there for people that need it and she's a devoted person for those who are ready to make changes. 

Gaïa is a loyal person that we can count on always. I've learned a lot by her side. She guided me in my own personal path and in my business and she taught me how to achieve my objectives and how to let go of things and/or situations in order to keep my good energies for the things that are worth it. Gaïa is my coach that transformed in a significant friend.

Marilou L., Entrepreneur, Québec, Canada

The biggest transformation for me was the mindset. I learned how to trust myself and stop putting limitations. I wanted to change and learn, so I knew I had to invest in myself. Having a group of people to bounce the transformation off of – there's something to be said about having that level of support. Most of all I love Gaïa’s energy, dedication, and the intimacy setting of the group, the heartfelt support from everyone in the group is so special & loving it’s really a safe place for women to learn and grow.

If you’re thinking of hiring a coach who is heartfelt and genuine, authentic and can get you results, Gaïa is your gal!

Andrea R., La Serena, Chili

Charline is an incredible wife, mother, friend, soul and leader. She truly is one of those genuine people that you want to sit and talk with about everything and anything. She makes you feel safe, she’s real, she has a heart of gold, and she wants the best for everyone. She is that girl that will always be your confidant but tell you the truth (which is so special!) I’m so proud of this woman, and I’m so excited about her business and what it all represents! Charline is one incredible being that I love and respect 100%.

Tannis Goulet, Entrepreneur, Winnipeg, Canada

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