Your mentor to guide you towards success personally and professionally.

I assist people in their journey through personal and professional development. I guide them in their reconnection in order to achieve momentums. 

The face behind


I am a very simple woman that enjoys helping others to open their eyes and hearts in order to be more connected with their souls. I am married, I have two children, I have my online businesses and I am back in my country after many years abroad. My background in alternative therapy started in 2007 when I was in Latin America, where I lived for about 9 years. I finished my course as a Bach Flowers Therapist. I also obtained my certificates in Silva Method and Reiki Master (in Chile). I started my training as Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner in 2015 and finished my master in November 2017 (in California). My years of studies in enneagram, psychology, the world of dream and emotional intelligence keep fascinating me in my understanding of human fulfillment . 





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