Who am I?

Basically, I am a super simple girl that love guiding people to their awakeing in order for them to reconnect and have personnal and profesional success. I am married, I have two children and I have many businesses and I am back in my country after about 20 years abroad. My background in alternative medicine started more seriously in 2007 in Latin America, where I live for about 10 years. I finished my course as Back Flowers therapist. I also obtained my certificates in Silva Method and Reiki Master (in Chile). I started my course as Neurolinguistic Programming Practicionner in 2015 and finished my master in november 2017 (in California). My years of studies in enneagram, psychology, the world of dreams, self-development and emotional intelligence keep fascinating me in my understanding of human fulfillment


My story

We often forget that we are the only person that will ALWAYS be there for us. We are our own best friend for life. First we have to love ourselves in order to have a balanced life. The defining moment that made me realize what was my life plan was just after my wedding in Chile in 2007. 

Growing up I lived a tough child hood and was a child of divorce (a sandwich child, as I like to call it). I lost contact with my dad when I was 6 years old because his new wife didn’t want me around. That is a big deal for any child when the new CONJOINT exlude the family members that were there first. I was surrounded by a lot of chaos and argumentative and toxic behaviors. Throughout this journey, I wasn’t sure at times that I would make it out alive.  As soon as I was 17, I left home and headed to England to learn English. I was sexually assaulted by the leader of the program and when no action was being taken by the organization to protect me, I decided to leave and save myself.


Upon returning home I went to University and my father and his wife brought me to court over trying to get out of paying Child Support. Even if I didn’t have a strong relationship with him, something broke inside of me forever. It was at this point that I knew I needed to leave Canada and save myself from the toxicity. There were so many experiences along this journey that shaped who I am. I finished my studies abroad and basically never came back for about 20 years. My journey is definitely spotted by difficult times, trauma, happiness, loneliness, impressive discoveries, love and heartbreak.

Even though I thought I was strong and I could save myself from anything, I was drawn into an unhealthy and toxic relationship that last for about 3 years. After leaving a tumultuous and violent engagement in 2005, I knew I had to save myself again and go work far away in order to rebuild myself and my self-confidence. On top of my feelings of sadness, disappointment, guiltiness and failure, my family was upset about the called off engagement. Since my fiancé had stolen the last bits of my money and wanted to kill me, I took the leap again and decided to accept a job on a cruise ship in Europe. It was on this journey that my life cracked up. By walking away from what did not serve me I was able to make a bigger invitation for the greatest love of my life. I reconnected with myself and realized how strong I was to always keep running and walking towards my goal and my self-love. I worked a lot on myself and realized that even though my foundation (family) had never been strong and supportive and that I was almost always walking alone, I was able to accomplish many great things in life. I even met my husband while I was working and 13-years later and two beautiful children, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I now feel balanced and at peace with life and myself.


In 2016, I came back to Canada after working, living and traveling for 20 years over 41 countries. The last eight years, I was in Chile, which is one of the most spiritual places on earth. While in there, I studied various healing techniques and got many certifications. I started to root into my true calling - teaching and coaching others. I started this work by teaching industry workers to speak English while using NLP techniques.


When my husband’s job relocated us back to Canada in 2016, it was a big leap of faith for me and my family because I finally had to face the gremlins of my past. I was ready not to escape anymore and start facing my miroir. I started working in a MLM business where I had a team of 140 distributors in less than a year. I was successful in the year of this business, learned a lot about myself and LOVED the coaching of my team members. After running around for a year, building this team, diving deep into my creativity and working so hard, I decided I needed to step away from the business because I craved to create a deeper impact than what I was doing. In the meantime, I finished my Master in NLP and along with my other certifications in alternative medicine, I knew I could use all of my skills and experiences in order to change people’s lives.

I was at yoga one day and I had this breakthrough: I was meant to help people do exactly what I had done all those years: build a life that is filled with awareness, clarity and groundesness. I’ve always been frustrated along my career path because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I really tried many different things but never found MY thing. In my personal journey, I often felt lonely, disconnected and unheard. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer in that dark place. I’m here to uplift you and help you embrace and live your best life. I’m here you to teach you MY secret that saved my life.

So, while cleaning up my past, I started teaching women how they can do the same. I have watched them gain clarity on their true purpose, start to develop an action plan, integrate more self-love and self-compassion and release their attachment to perfection too! I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women how to take back their power and start living a life filled with holistic harmony between the mind, body and spirit.


I fought depression and anxiety myself for many years until I understood the secret in life. This secret is exactly what I share with my people in my Programs.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many people from different countries. I guided many people personally and professionally (in person and online) and recently, I have been living my dream of Holistic Coach and Mentor and I created the "Re-connect Program TM", a smart and result-oriented program that includes series of healing and strengthening techniques that help reconnect with the most important and help people spread their wings while being confident and trustworthy of their emotions.  This program is totally created for the women of today that need the basic thing in life: being reconnected with themselves.  

My Momentum Program is more focused on spiritual and strong-minded women that have a fundamental desire to help people. It's a virtual 8 weeks program that includes documentation and live coaching to bring their business to the top. That program allows making money quickly, smartly while saving time and minimizing useless mistakes. It show passionate women that they can achieve creating momentums that last thanks to various basic concepts for a successful business. I give the detailed steps for success. 


Who are my clients?


I guide people just like you: the majority are women, brand new entrepreneurs, dreamers, professionals, perfectionists and who are ready to make drastic changes in their lives in order to feel alive and confident. They just don’t know the secret I share in my trainings, so they feel they live their lives in the clouds.


Women who feel lost and who are ready to take their life back

Entrepreneurs who need to understand the basics of having a business

Coaches who need to learn how to keep their energy while helping others


What makes you different from other Holistic Coaches?  



I have lived and experienced a lot during my short life. I was connected and different since I was born. Life sent me many battles in order to get stronger and recollect tools to help others. I have gone through many emotional distress and being alone in the other side of the world, I learned by myself how to always come out of it balanced, stronger and more grateful. I studied for more than 10 years and got many traditional and new techniques from shamans and natural healers. I completed various high-end programs in the United States in order to be able to share my business knowledges and how to have success. Nevertheless, I believe that the most important is that I have experienced pain, betrayal, sadness, loneliness, fear and SUCCESS. I have been able to develop understanding, mental strength, compassion, empathy and THAT is my strength that really helps me help people understand my secret and get their power back. My life is a real success on every aspects.   


Although we will occasionally touch upon hurting emotions, you have me as a confidence and emotions expert and coach. I work on the inner and outer principals for successful reconnection and look at your life and objectives from an organic and spiritual perspective. What that means, is that you get a wise-sage-meets-kick-butt authentic emotional coach. I’m very spiritual and I don’t pretend to hide it wither. Because I’m not always delicate, you’ll get a straight to the point quick and honest response from me all the time.

My job is to guide you and show you how to get your power back and be able to live more confident, optimist, happier (for real) with your eyes/ears and intuition completely opened. I want you to feel so connected that you have this certainty that you are going the right direction and that you can jump off the cliff and spread your wings without worrying and knowing that YOU ARE strong enough.

You may not always like what I have to tell you but you can be certain that I will always tell you the truth to help you in your journey towards the best version of yourself. I want you to be happy. For real. I want to help you see what's standing in the way of your successful life and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start living and feeling happy-for-real in record time AND long-term.    


What type of personality I work best with and what I expect from my tribe? 


The Re-connect and Momentum Programs were created for people who are absolutely motivated, excited and 100% serious about changing their lives, taking responsibility, breaking through resistance, achieve their life’s goals and dreams and starting to live for real. It means that I choose people that no longer want to run around all day long, beating themselves up anymore saying: “I wish I was happy and lucky like her.” I want people that are dying for personnal and profesional SUCCESS.


The Programs were created for you to see and experience changes within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will eventually lead you to gaining more self-confidence, trusting yourself, being grateful for what you have and attracting the people and opportunities so you can have the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. That is call FREEDOM.

Being a high-achieving go-getter myself, I’m known to work best with other high-achieving go-getter, people who are committed to their success no matter what, who are super-ready to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to reconnect, feel happy, free and attract the right things in life. Women that are more than ready to go forward, change and simply want to know my secret for the steps to success in order to reconnect, be happy, feel free and attract the beautiful things life has to offer. 


Consider what you’ll do with me to be an explosive crash course on everything you need to know to come out of your black hole and start breathing for real. You will be expected to take serious, drastic and consistent actions. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: Reconnect, learn to trust your emotions and your guts, jump, spread your wings and catch the greatest opportunities in life that come your way.   


Con amor, 


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